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  Last updated: 06/06/2016



The St. Bernard Club of the Pacific Coast was founded over 60 years ago in San Francisco, California. The purpose of the club is to encourage and promote the well-being of the St. Bernard. In addition, we have lots of fun sharing our common love of our terrific dogs.

At this time the club has about 30 members. Most of our members are pet owners, although a few members do show and breed St. Bernard dogs. We meet about 6 times per year, in members homes, in public parks, and occasionally in restaurants. Our meeting locations are usually in the North or East Bay.

Our club activities include obedience workshops, working dog workshops and activities, and two specialty shows and obedience trials each year. At our meetings we sometimes have a speaker who shares with us some knowledge about dogs in general or St. Bernards in particular. At our annual awards dinner our members whose dogs have earned titles during the year are honored by the membership. We also have a Christmas party every December.  More recently, we have been organizing snow trips up Lake Tahoe area every winter.

Our club is committed to making sure no adoptable St. Bernards are homeless, so we are very involved in Rescue. There are many opportunities for contribution to the club and the breed in that area.